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Screening Options:  

​So, here is how to proceed for screening. 


Option 1:  P411 (or other known industry reference site) Membership in industry website where you have been verified will suffice for all screening.  I will just need an email from you directly from that website’s messaging service with a minimum of 2 okays (and due to some bad actors, a state or work ID, or very familiar ladies giving an ok). 


Option 2:  Facebook profile with substantive information.


Option 3:  Linkedin It needs to tie in with your name/email please. 


Option 4:  Out of state ID.  You can scrub details other than your name.


Option 5:  Business card.  You can scrub the details on the business card by the way.  I just need to see a name that ties in to your email/id or cell phone.  I keep my stalking to a minimum.  (Okay, that was a bad joke… just a little levity…Lol)


Option 6:  Other business info and/or ID.  Only if you have a South Carolina ID, please provide verifiable industry references or a work reference. 

·       work email

·       business cards

·       voicemails, etc.  


Option 7:  References can be accepted but are accepted subjectively. History with the reference is considered.  Is the reference a legitimate long term well known player or just a new person?  I will conduct due diligence on the reference and this person’s experience with you.  Please don’t expect your reference to necessarily answer the same day for screening.  It’s not fair to them, me and ultimately you.  Generally, using references lends itself to a longer screening process.  If your email has no traceable history, then using a just a reference is not acceptable.


Then we are good to go.