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​Additional Bio Information just as an FYI.


Being able to laugh at yourself is really important.  I do it a lot, so maybe I’m just telling myself that. 


I worked my way through undergrad as primarily a wood sculptor.  I have done woodworking since I was about 12.  It took me seven years to get a four year degree as I worked many hours and had to go part time.   I graduated with a BS in Finance, Suma Cum Laude.  It took a while, but at least I got the job done.  LOL! 


I absolutely love all types of artwork and antiques.  My parents were antique dealers, so I grew up going to auctions, flea markets, yard sales, etc.   In terms of artwork, I really love surrealism.  However, I like the fact that the Impressionists had the audacity to break out from the Renaissance confines.  (Ewww sounds haughty… so not.  Lol) 


Whether you want to dine at the Bull and The Bear (Waldorf Astoria) or four wheel up to a kegger, I can roll with it and be happy. 


Nutrition is very important to me and in my spare time, LOL!, I’d like to publish some articles.  I'm on a Paleo/Keto diet. 


I do not do any drugs.  Yucky!  Lol!  I will have some alcohol, but I don’t have a huge tolerance.  A little wine is good for me.  I do not need drugs or alcohol to enjoy entertaining.  I have been blessed with a natural proclivity…


When I am not being Brittany, I am taking IT classes leaning towards web development and marketing. 

I enjoy watching alternative news such as DW, RT, and BBC World. 


I really love animals, especially dogs and I am a very open-minded person.  Dogs are a gift! 


I hope this helps you feel more comfortable.  ​